Reliable Garage for Clutch Replacement in Horwich

Clutch Replacement in HorwichIt’s important to know when you will need a clutch replacement in Horwich if you own a car. The clutch is an absolutely important part of a car; it helps to control acceleration in a car, it helps in stalling the engine, and in a manual transmission car a clutch will help you to change gears. However, whether you own a manual transmission car or an automatic one, you will find that the clutch might need to be replaced when you notice a couple of the following symptoms.

In Horwich, clutch replacement is a large job and needs skilled mechanics in order to perform it correctly. The mechanics at Whitecroft Garage are more than eager to help if you notice a burning smell coming from your car’s engine. The burning smell is a result of friction between the slipping discs. Other symptoms will include trouble shifting the gear, visible damage to the clutch, and if the clutch feels spongy when you depress it. This is one of the earliest sign of a failing clutch. Regardless of whether you drive a manual or an automatic car, the principle remains the same for both types of cars. And if you are not sure whether your clutch needs replacing, then it is always a good idea to get a mechanic to have a look. In some cases, it may look like it’s a clutch issue but it could be that there is an oil leak from the crankshaft that requires professional attention.

The moment you suspect that there is something wrong with your car or you need clutch replacement in Horwich, make sure to drive it to Whitecroft Garage. The garage is an establishment that has been set up since 1981 and they have served numerous clients. You can be sure that your vehicle will be given the proper attention and care it deserves and once the car is fixed, you will be driving a safe vehicle on the road. You can reach out to the family-run business by calling the dedicated mechanics. If you suspect you need a clutch replacement, contact Whitecroft Garage.