Need an MOT Test in Horwich?

MOT Test in HorwichIf it is time for your vehicle’s MOT test in Horwich, then you are likely looking for a licensed garage that specialises in this type of service. An MOT test is a legal requirement. The test examines the road worthiness of your vehicle. During the test, certain aspects of your vehicle will be examined and whether necessary repair work is required. This is why it is essential you choose a garage that is equipped to carry out such tests.

In Horwich, an MOT test is expertly carried out by Whitcroft Garage. They are a dedicated MOT service that is fully licensed by the government’s department of transport. If your vehicle fails the MOT test, then Whitcroft Garage can carry out required repairs so that you can pass the MOT re-test. As it is a key legal requirement, there are specific components which are examined. The vehicle structure or body is looked at for damage or excessive corrosion. The engine mountings, speedometer and tow bars are also inspected for operability. Next is the fuel system. The tester will ensure there are no leaks and also closely examine the condition of the hoses or pipes. Exhaust emissions are an important part of the test and this will depend on the fuel type and age of the vehicle. As a result, the exhaust system is thoroughly examined to ensure the catalyst is present and fitted, without incurring any leaks. Seat belts and seats are another important safety feature. Seat belts must be fitted and in good condition. The malfunction indicator lamp is checked to ensure that the seatbelt pre-tensioners are working. The driver’s seat should be adjustable and in an upright position. The brake system’s condition is an important aspect of the test. Its performance, operation and modifications will be closely examined. The wheels and tyres must be in good working order. Other points of inspection include the doors, mirrors, load security, registration plates, lights, bonnet, windscreen, horn, suspension/steering and even the vehicle identification number.

If it is time for your vehicle’s MOT test in Horwich, then head to Whitcroft Garage. Ensure that your car is legally approved for driving on the roads. If your car has an MOT test due, contact Whitecroft Garage.