Timing Belts in Swinton

Timing Belts in SwintonTiming belts in Swinton are an important part of engines that need periodic replacement. This is a part of an internal combustion engine that synchronises the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft so that the engine’s valves open and close at the proper time. It can also be critical to preventing the piston from striking the valves. It is usually a toothed belt with teeth on the inside surface. Some vehicles have a timing chain which carries out the same function. Our garage is a local family run business that offers high standards of workmanship and service. We are members of various trade groups and have come 2nd in the Best of Bolton most loved category for MOT stations throughout the country.

Our highly qualified team of technicians will ensure your car is kept in perfect running order. In Swinton, timing belts are lighter, less expensive and operate more quietly than gear drives. The timing belt is also often used to drive other engine components such as the water pump or oil pump. Our garage offers a full range of services on many makes and models of vehicles including VW, Audi, BMW, Ford and Mini. Our technicians are dedicated and loyal and attend regular training courses to keep up to date with the latest demands of the modern car. We carry out all types of work from servicing to engine rebuilds

Your vehicle’s timing belt in Swinton must be replaced at the manufacturer’s recommended distance or time periods. Failure to replace the belt can result in complete breakdown or catastrophic engine failure. Contact Whitecroft Garage today to book your car in for a timing belt change. Over time the teeth on the timing belt wear and cause the drive cogs to slip. They can also delaminate and unravel. Breakage of the timing belt is uncommon because of the high tensile fibres. Dirt and debris that mix with the oil and grease can form a paste which advances the wear process. The belt needs to be correctly tensioned to work properly.