Clutch Repairs in Little Hulton

Clutch Repairs in Little HultonClutch repairs in Little Hulton restore your car to full performance. Most people assume a clutch is only for manual cars. Although automatic vehicles lack a clutch pedal they still run a clutch system. The function of the clutch is to transfer power from the engine to the transmission. It’s positioned between the engine flywheel and the transmission. In most cars, the clutch is housed within a bellhousing to protect it from contaminants. The friction clutch is the most common clutch system and operates by either fluid or cable. The system has four main parts; the pressure plate, the cover plate, the release bearing and the driven plate. Nonetheless, yours is not to understand the technicalities of a clutch system but to know that we carry out quality clutch repairs.

Clutch systems use friction hence faults are imminent. If you are a car owner or driver in Little Hulton, clutch repairs ensure your car operates at peak performance. A faulty clutch reduces fuel economy, the car’s power and the efficiency of the engine. The signs of a faulty clutch system are distinct. The car usually starts slowly but the engine races, this is clutch slippage. Moreover, it’s usually hard to engage the gears and the transmission may completely fail to get into gear. If you are driving a manual car, you may pick up some noises from the pedal or when the car is in neutral. The clutch pedal may also become hard or may completely loose. If you notice any of these signs, come down to our garage and have your clutch system assessed.

When it comes to clutch repairs in Little Hulton, our garage is the go-to garage. We are a world-class garage renowned for offering quality services. We run a state of the art diagnostic and repair centre equipped with the latest tools. Our technicians are also the best of the best with unmatched experience in repairing automobiles. Contact us today and get quality services at affordable rates. If you need clutch repairs, we have you covered. If the solution is a replacement, we will also do it.