Use an Experienced Garage for your Vauxhall Servicing in Hindley

Vauxhall Servicing in HindleyYour best choice for Vauxhall servicing in Hindley is Whitecroft Garage. Our full service garage was established in 1981, so we’re a neighbourhood fixture. As a family owned and operated business, we focus on customer service, We need our customers and we show our appreciation by providing experienced workmanship with a smile and the lowest possible prices. As an independently operated garage, we can always save you money over dealer costs. You don’t lose anything in the way of expertise or cutting edge technology and diagnostics. Our team is well trained in all things automotive and we stay up to date with the latest innovations. We’ll match our diagnostic equipment against your dealers any day.

You might think car servicing is a fairly simple and routine undertaking. Well, it should be and in Hindley, Vauxhall servicing needs to be carried out on your vehicle at least twice a year. Not all technicians give a thought to checking other parts and functions as they go through the servicing steps. That’s why drivers are sometimes shocked when they experience a car break down shortly after service. It might be from an oil leak, broken timing belt, loose battery cable or other easily spotted cause. Maybe your service technician wasn’t paying attention to the ancillary details during your service appointment. We hold our technicians to a very high standard of service and go above and beyond when we inspect and service your car.

We have undertaken Vauxhall servicing in Hindley for our customers  throughout Chorley, Wigan, Horwich, Bolton and Westhoughton. We’re a friendly group so always feel welcome to stop in and ask questions about your car’s performance. We are also an MOT testing centre so save yourself some time. Contact Whitecroft Garage and schedule your Vauxhall in for a regular servicing at the same time you schedule your yearly MOT. We can do a pre MOT visual inspection so the little details don’t cause you to fail. We want to be your trusted local garage for all your servicing and repairs. New or old, your Vauxhall is in experienced hands with our team at Whitecroft Garage.