Exhaust Replacement in Blackrod, Inexpensive and Professionally Completed

Exhaust Replacement in BlackrodChoose Whitecroft Garage for local exhaust replacement in Blackrod. Everybody can hear you coming down the street so you may have a hole in your muffler. Look under there at your muffler and you may be able to see it. You might even be surprised to see how rusty the underside of the muffler is and find several places where it’s rusted through. It’s likely you’ve been driving with a leaky exhaust for a while. But a loud and noisy exhaust is not the only reason to take care of the repair. A poorly maintained muffler can be unhealthy for you and the environment. Your muffler is only one part of your exhaust system but it’s the one that muffles the noise and controls back pressure of the engine. 

When the muffler has a hole, dangerous carbon monoxide can back up into the car. In Blackrod, exhaust replacement may be as simple as replacing the muffler. When exhaust fumes back up into the engine, deterioration results. Other signs of an exhaust leak are vibrations, poor fuel efficiency and loss of power. Those are signs that indicate your engine is not performing efficiently. The engine is having to work harder and that uses more gas but not efficiently. However, other components that make up your exhaust system can cause problems too. Loud sounds while idling could mean a failing catalytic converter. Look up, your service engine light is probably on. 

You may need exhaust replacement in Blackrod for some or all of your exhaust components. Any malfunction in one part can lead to expensive damage in other parts of the system and even the engine itself. If you’ve noticed the signs, contact Whitecroft Garage for expert inspections, repairs and replacement. Your catalytic converter is the most expensive component of your exhaust system. To prevent damage to the cat, let us tune it and give your exhaust pipe a close visual check for leaks. We are also an MOT testing centre. If your catalytic converter is not functioning to standards, your car will fail the emissions part of the test. Let us help you keep an eye on your exhaust system and hopefully avoid exhaust replacement. If replacement is needed, we’ve got the highest skilled technicians and the lowest possible prices.