Exhaust Replacement in Atherton, Cost-Effective and Professionally Done

Exhaust Replacement in AthertonYou might need exhaust replacement in Atherton if your neighbours are making hand gestures at you as you drive away early each morning. A simple exhaust pipe replacement isn’t too expensive. However, if you fail your annual MOT because of a failure in your exhaust system, you could be spewing toxins into the environment every time you start your car. The source of the problem is likely your catalytic converter which has been required as part of your exhaust system since 1993. That’s a more costly replacement but it’s illegal to remove it and not replace it because it violates environmental regulations. Catalytic converters can become clogged and contaminated causing sluggish engine performance. They can also overheat due to a faulty oxygen sensor.

Trouble with your exhaust system will usually cause your engine warning light to come on. In Atherton, exhaust replacement needs may result from cracks and leaks in the system. Engine noises, black exhaust and signs of leaks could be your first warning. If not addressed quickly, engine damage can result. If an exhaust leak finds its way into the interior of the car, the situation could be deadly. At Whitecroft Garage, we can isolate your exhaust trouble. The good news is that often the problem can be resolved without replacing the entire exhaust system. It could just need a repair or replacement part. However, when replacement is necessary, our team of technicians are highly qualified and experienced in the process.

Exhaust replacement in Atherton can sometimes be prevented by regular maintenance checks of the system and turning the catalytic converter. The life expectancy of a catalytic converter is about ten years. Therefore, the day will come when replacement is necessary to continue driving the car. We fit guaranteed quality exhaust systems on all vehicles. That includes catalytic converters if necessary. Contact Whitecroft Garage and schedule your car in. We’ll give you a free quote and all work and parts are guaranteed. We don’t sacrifice quality, but we will offer you our lowest possible price. We’re a full service garage and MOT testing centre.