Tyres In Horwich Enquiry

Tyres- In- Horwich- Enquiry


We’ve had a Tyres In Horwich Enquiry through to Whitecroft Garage from a lady who was looking for the best price for a full set of tyres for her Ford Kia. Having shopped around, she was impressed with the quote we gave her and was more than happy to book in at the garage. With a large range of tyres for any vehicle, we can offer a full tyre service-that includes wheel balancing-at a more competitive price than you would find with any of our competitors.

For an enquiry for tyres in Horwich, you can be assured of a fast and efficient tyre service; carried out by experienced technicians within our garage. We have a dedicated tyre fitting bay area, which one of our tyre specialist technicians will fit your vehicle’s new tyres in no time at all. If your required tyres are not in stock, we can acquire tyres usually on a same day basis, so you aren’t inconvenienced with a long wait.

With any tyres in Horwich enquiry, you will be dealt with by a friendly, family based company-we have been established since 1981-who have your best interests at heart when it comes to quality car tyre servicing. A certified supplier of Evergreen Tyres we have the necessary knowledge to advise on all types of tyres; so you get just what you are looking for when it comes to best priced car tyres.