Looking For The Right Car Garage In Bolton



You are Looking For The Right Car Garage In Bolton and you have found yourself at Whitecroft Garage, ‘the’ premier and well-respected garage in the town. Having been in existence since 1981, they have built up an unsurpassed reputation for good value and quality workmanship.

In Bolton, many people are looking to move away from ‘dealer prices’ when they need a car garage. At Whitecroft, you get ‘main dealer service’ without the cost implications a large dealer will charge. Trusted, honest, efficient and always professional, Whitecroft Garage only employ highly qualified and skilled technicians who will deal with your car problem with minimal disruption to yourself.

Whitecroft Garage are proud to be part of the ‘Group Autocare‘ scheme as a car garage in Bolton which is part of a Europe wide network of some 6000 garages which works in conjunction with ‘approved garages’  as a trusted local garage finder for the consumer-runner up in the autocare garage of the year. In addition, they offer a national guarantee on all replacement parts and labour which further adds reputability to their good name.