Top Quality Michelin Tyres in Bolton

Michelin Tyres in BoltonAre you looking for Michelin tyres in Bolton? Whether you are searching for budget tyres or high performance ones, Whitecroft Garage is the top choice for most vehicle owners. They have a dedicated tyre service that deals specifically with tyres, whether it is fitting, balancing, repairing or replacing. Their tyre bay is reserved for these types of services. But what if you are looking for new tyres?

In Bolton, Michelin tyres are supplied by Whitecroft Garage. They are a well-equipped garage that stocks a full range of tyres. At the garage, they perform a full range of tyres services from supplying them to wheel balancing. Tyre fitting services are conducted while you wait in their comfortable waiting area. If by chance they do not have that particular tyre in stock, Whitecroft Garage will source it for you on that same day. Best of all, their rates are competitively priced at market value so that you get the best deal for your money. Many people head to Whitecroft Garage with concerns about the tread wear on their tyres. Factors such as load, braking, vehicle speed, tyre inflation pressure, wheel alignment, cornering, geographical conditions, road surface and climate can all impact the quality of your tyres. According to the experts at Whitecroft Garage, driving conservatively will prevent many issues with your tyres. Unfortunately, some types of damages prevent tyres from being repaired. This is the case when there is casing or tread separation, fabric damage, broken or kinked tyres and exposed bead wires. If the depths of the tyre tread falls below 1.6mm or cracks appear in the tyre, it could be that the tyres are overloaded or under inflated. By visiting Whitecroft Garage, their experienced and knowledgeable team can advise you on the best course of action for your tyres.

If you are looking for Michelin tyres in Bolton, consider calling Whitecroft Garage today. As certified suppliers of Evergreen tyres, they can provide guidance and advice on all tyre related queries. Whitecroft Garage also provides a national guarantee of 12 months on all labour and parts.  For more on Michelin tyres, contact Whitecroft Garage.