Citroen Servicing in Heaton

Citroen Servicing in HeatonCitroen servicing in Heaton is best catered for by professionals with expertise in Citroens. We have many years’ experience servicing Citroens and highly qualified technicians who have been trained on the various machinery and tools used by Citroen dealerships.  Your car is your most important means of transport and without it in perfect running order you can be left feeling very stressed.  This need not happen with a regular service and prompt maintenance of your car. With our expert servicing, we are able to take care of your car and complete the warranty service books for newer models as well as taking care of the older models to the manufacturers specifications.

In Heaton, Citroen servicing goes hand in hand with repair and maintenance.  Your car requires new tyres periodically. Should you not be sure when you need new tyres, pop into our garage and we will check them for you and if need be we will offer you a selection of new tyres to suit your Citroen.  We will expertly and quickly fit them while you wait and we will do the necessary wheel balancing and alignment. Your brakes should be routinely checked and the brake fluid levels topped up to ensure they are in perfect working order. We can fit new brake shoes to your car should it need them and also check your battery. Many batteries need a visual check for corrosion and some need water levels checked.  If you have done this and your battery is still giving problems then you need to replace the existing battery with one that Citroen recommends.

Citroen servicing in Heaton can also be carried out in conjunction with repairs and diagnosis of any other little problems your car may be having. Although you become used to warning lights popping on and off this is not normal, and our diagnostics machines will find the fault which may be an indication of electronic malfunction in the system which we can correct before it becomes costly. For more information about Citroen servicing, contact Whitecroft Garage.