Cheap MOTs in Clifton

cheap MOT’s in CliftonAre you in need of cheap MOTs in Clifton? An MOT is a Ministry of Transport test that your car must undergo each year. It is designed to determine whether you vehicle is road worthy. To conduct this test, you must take your vehicle to an MOT licensed garage. Where can you find this type of garage?

In Clifton, cheap MOTs is an area that Whitecroft Garage specialises in. Their garage is fully licensed to carry out such tests. The mechanics at Whitecroft Garage recommend that you carry out all preparation work before subjecting your vehicle to the MOT test. If you determine that there is some urgent work required, Whitecroft can take care of it for you. If you’re wondering what kinds of things an MOT service checks, then head down to Whitecroft. Their mechanics look at some key components to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. One item is the structure or body of the vehicle. The mechanic will check to make sure your vehicle is not damaged in specific areas or that corrosion is not excessive. The engine mountings and speedometer are also examined. In the fuel system, Whitecroft’s mechanic will look to make sure the hoses and pipes are secure and that there are no leaks. Exhaust emissions are another category. This will be determined by the fuel type and age of the vehicle. Checking the exhaust system is next. The mechanic will ensure that the system is not too noisy and that the catalyst is present. Next are the seat and seat belts. The tester will check to make sure the driver’s seat is adjustable and that the seat backs can be adjusted to the upright position. All seat belts are inspected for their operation, condition, security and type. Air bags are also closely checked. Other criteria examined in an MOT test include doors, mirrors, load security, brakes, wheels and tyres, registration plates, lights, bonnet, washers and wipers, windscreen, suspension and steering, horn and the vehicle identification number.

If you are looking for a garage that offers cheap MOT’s in Clifton, Whitecroft Garage is the place to visit. Whitecroft Garage has a reputation of honesty and reliability. If you would like to know more about cheap MOTs, contact Whitecroft Garage.