Kia Car Servicing in Middlebrook

Kia car servicing in MiddlebrookWhen you need Kia car servicing in Middlebrook, you may be considering your nearest main dealer for the task to ensure quality service and reliable parts. Now at Whitecroft Garage you can receive the standard you are after without the large price associated with main dealers, even if your vehicle is still under its warranty period. With “Block Exemption” regulations in place, you don’t need to worry about problems regarding your warranty as you are free to service your Kia at the garage of your preference. This means that you can get quality and price efficiency.

In Middlebrook, Kia car servicing need not be an added strain in your life. Go to Whitecroft Garage. Their staff attend regular training courses and are determined to remain at the forefront of progress. Mingle cutting edge with long-standing roots as Whitecroft has been around since 1981, and what you get is a family owned business able to deliver. You could be saving up to 60% by using this garage for your car’s servicing. You will have your service book stamped and, unless it was otherwise stated, you also walk away with a 12-month national guarantee on all the parts used. It is plain to see why Whitecroft Garage is the Motor codes garage of the year Regional Winner.

With Kia car servicing in Middlebrook, you will have everything that is needed for your clutch, brakes, tyres and exhaust with the aid of the latest diagnostic equipment. You also no longer need to diarise when maintenance is required on you vehicle as they will do it for you by keeping a record of your vehicle’s history and will remind you that it is time for a service. If you are looking for a professional garage for Kia car servicing, contact Whitecroft Garage.