Clutch Repairs in Hindley

Clutch Repairs in HindleyClutch repairs in Hindley may be necessary if you are unable to change gears although you have pressed the clutch pedal. Many people do not understand the inner workings of a clutch and will make common mistakes that could result in it needing to be replaced.

In Hindley, clutch repairs may be needed if your car continually slips out of gear, or if you step on the clutch but the gears grind, and if you have a fluid leak from the crankshaft onto the clutch plate. You may also experience a loss of pressure when you step on the clutch pedal. This could indicate a break in the pipe system feeding the clutch. The most common mistake people make is to use the clutch to inch the car forward or to keep the vehicle in a stationary position at a stop street or traffic light. Over time, this leads to extensive heating and at some point, you might smell something like burnt toast. This is a good indicator that you have over used the clutch. A good mechanic will notice the symptoms of a deteriorating clutch system. At Whitecroft Garage, the professional and qualified mechanic will be able to sort out your clutch concerns and repair it with the best quality parts.

Clutch repairs in Hindley are affordable. Whitecroft Garage has an excellent reputation and is known for their honest and reliable service. They provide a national guarantee on all their replacement parts and labour. They are proud to provide a main dealer service without the cost you would expect. Established in 1981, this reputable garage continues to offer their customers high standards of workmanship and service. Clutch repairs are not the only service they offer, and their qualified team is on hand to assist with a full range of services on all makes and models of vehicles, including MOT’s, exhausts, tyres, timing belts, suspension and steering. For more information about clutch repairs, contact Whitecroft Garage.