Exhaust Replacement in Blackrod

Exhaust replacement in BlackrodExhaust replacement in Blackrod is a simple procedure when done by professionals. The exhaust system of a vehicle is a wearing part and over time moisture from exhaust gases causes acid to form inside the exhaust. The outside of the exhaust can rust and start to leak. Gaskets in the system may wear down and let out exhaust gases. Some of these problems can be fixed, but if not, then the exhaust needs to be changed. The garage has to, by law, measure emissions from the exhaust when doing an MOT. If the emissions are too high then the source must be found and fixed or a new exhaust fitted. There are also brackets that hold the exhaust in place and these can become damaged or loose over time. They can sometimes be replaced as without them the exhaust can work loose.

In Blackrod, exhaust replacement is quickly and easily accomplished after a visual check. Sometimes the exhaust does not need to be replaced. A few of the problems can be repaired. Catalytic converters can be damaged if not well maintained. They need to be tuned and checked to make sure that no oil or fuel has entered the system. Catalytic converters are fitted to all cars registered after 1993 so most cars now have them. They are especially important as they remove harmful pollution from the exhaust gases and are controlled by the car’s engine management system with sensors.

Exhaust replacement in Blackrod can be done for all makes and models of vehicles. The parts and labour are guaranteed for 12 months. Along with exhausts, you can also have your tyres checked and changed at the same time. There are many other parts that wear and need regular checking and maintenance. The clutch is a wearing part and will need changing as it wears down. The suspension on the vehicle will, over time, need adjusting and eventually replacement. Timing belts and brakes need checking and regular maintenance must be done on the brakes. For more information about exhaust replacement, contact Whitecroft Garage.