Car Diagnostic Test in Westhoughton

car diagnostic test in WesthoughtonLook to Whitecroft Garage for your car diagnostic test in Westhoughton. Their garage has invested in the latest and finest diagnostic testing equipment to pinpoint any problem your car is experiencing. The technicians are trained to the perfecting standards of Whitecroft Garage by going through their apprentice training before becoming fully certified in all makes and models. The result is a customer friendly garage fully equipped to keep your car in top running condition. They are a full service garage that includes diagnostics, repairs, MOT testing and tyres. Our modern cars are a collection of sensors. When one part or another isn’t working right, like a faulty starter, rough idle and more, sensors are giving out signals as to the cause. Identifying those signals and making the repairs requires skilful tools and training.

Back in the old days in Westhoughton car diagnostic test was often performed by ear. The mechanic would listen for a rough start, a squeak in the steering and a clunk from the rear end. He would drive the car to see if it was handling correctly and the alignment was straight. He could take a combustible engine apart and put it back together in short order. His tools were a set of mechanics wrenches and sockets that would fit most domestic cars. Today’s mechanics still need their specialised tool but since our cars are now computers, their diagnostic tools has become invaluable in finding the root cause of any needed repair.

Whitecroft Garage has come through those old days and into the new with car diagnostic test in Westhoughton. To find out more about car diagnostic test services, contact Whitecroft Garage. The current owner assumed ownership from his father who began the business in 1981. There is great pride in this family owned business in a job well done. Anytime you want to have a word with the owner, you can. He is on sight during working hours most days, so drop by and chat if you are looking for a home garage. He will explain to you why, as an independent garage, his shop can do the same work as your dealership for up to half the price.