Brake Pad Replacement in Westhoughton

Brake Pad Replacement in WesthoughtonNeed a garage for brake pad replacement in Westhoughton as you are concerned about being ripped-off? A good brake repair service can actually save you big money and extend the life of your vehicle, but unfortunately, there are several less-than-ethical mechanics and garages that may persuade you to spend money on parts or repairs that are not really necessary. Hence, it’s important to choose a reputable, reliable, local garage like Whitecroft Garage to provide genuine service when your brakes go on the blink. The brakes on your car are perhaps the most important system in it, and they ensure a safe and comfortable ride for yourself and your loved ones. Regular maintenance keeps the brake system in good order and you’ll never find yourself facing a hazardous or annoying situation when they suddenly fail.

For your car in Westhoughton, brake pad replacement is offered as part of general servicing, as a special service in an emergency or when you suspect that something is wrong with them. The braking system consists of brake pads, rotors, and linings which are positioned right next to the wheels and they create a friction which stops the vehicle. The two kinds of brake systems include drum brakes and disc brakes. Disc brakes are the most common, but both systems push against the wheels and cause the vehicle to stop. This friction leads to wear and tear of the brake parts, especially the brake pads and shoes. If neglected, this leads to damage of the more expensive parts like calipers, rotors, and drums.

Should you need brake pad replacement in Westhoughton, be sure to use a reputable garage. Contact Whitecroft Garage today if you need them to attend to your brakes and require brake pad replacement. Some of the signs that you need to get your brakes repaired include flashing of brake warning-lights, strange noises like squealing, grinding or chirping, pulsing of brake-pedals, shakiness in the steering wheel, delay in stopping, car moving sideways during stops, etc. These are symptoms of brake problems and you need to consult your mechanic. Top-quality garages also do a thorough job of cleaning the brakes completely, removing dust, grease and grime. Anti-seize and anti-squeak compounds are applied to smoothen the ride. Educate yourself thoroughly before selecting the right garage.