Power Steering Problems in Leigh

power steering problems in LeighAre you hearing a whining sound from your car’s power steering in Leigh? It could be a sign your power steering pump is failing. It could be caused by a leak in your system or a sign of low fluid. It is definitely a sign that you need to have your steering looked at by a professional mechanic. Other symptoms of power steering pump failure are stiffness in the wheel or slow response when turning. Combine a couple of those symptoms together and you can be pretty sure your pump needs to be repaired or maybe even replaced. It is not something you want to put off because it will only get worse and it is unsafe to drive. A stiff steering wheel can mean a broken power steering belt or a damaged steering rack.

In Leigh, power steering repair problems at Whitecroft Garage are undertaken by fine mechanics that are well trained and have years of experience. When your car is showing symptoms of steering problems, the mechanics will do a thorough check of your entire power steering system. They will be able to pinpoint the problem. If the problem is a belt or low fluid, then the repair is fairly simple and you will be back on the road right away. When it is the pump or steering rack the repair is more complex and may actually require replacement parts. Once the repair or replacement is completed, they will flush the steering fluid to get rid of sludge. Your power steering will be working like new again.

Whether it is a power steering problem in Leigh or any other mechanical problem, you need a good reliable garage to keep your car in top running condition. Whitecroft Garage is a friendly and family owned garage that you can rely on for all auto services. Their qualified team has the latest diagnostic equipment and they are approved for MOT testing. They even offer tyre replacement and repair as well as fitting.  All makes and models are serviced by the technicians at Whitecroft Garage. That is where you will get the best prices as well. Contact Whitecroft Garage for information about power steering problems.