Dashboard Light in Bolton

dashboard light in BoltonSeeing the car’s dashboard light in Bolton can set alarm bells off in your head.

Is that going to be expensive? Surely there must be something terribly wrong. It is so costly to have a car repaired. How will I ever afford it? The thoughts race through your head, and you have a sense of impending doom. Your life is about to get a whole lot more complicated, and there will be no money for entertainment and luxuries for quite some time. Unless, of course, you know about Whitecroft Garage.

We have many years of experience and in Bolton, “dashboard light” does not have to be a catastrophe. We have all the latest diagnostic equipment and they will accurately identify what is wrong with your car. This means there will be no unnecessary expenses. We are a local independent garage and have been seeing to the needs of the community for 20 years. We offer excellent service at affordable prices, using quality parts. We can repair and service all makes and models of cars and this will not affect your manufacturer’s warranty. This means that when a warning light comes on, we can accurately identify the problem and propose a solution at the best possible price. You will not be paying main dealership prices but you will be getting excellent service and quality workmanship.

Do not despair when you see your dashboard light in Bolton. We will identify exactly what is causing the problem and will explain what is required to fix your car. We have built a solid reputation over the many years we have been operating and you can trust our advice. Our dedicated technicians are here to answer your questions. Contact Whitecroft Garage today to book your car in if the dashboard light is flashing. We can also do your annual MOT test, repair your brakes and exhaust, and fit new tyres. When you use us to take care of your vehicle, you can rest assured that you are getting the best prices available and excellent service.