Timing Belts in Atherton

Timing Belts in AthertonKeeping cars running smoothly and efficiently needs regular maintenance and if you need to replace timing belts in Atherton, contact Whitecroft Garage without delay. Engine parts require a high degree of precision and synchronisation. They are constantly moving at high speed and there’s not much distance between them. Previously, crankshaft chains were used to transmit the movement between camshafts and engine crank. However, they were replaced by toothed belts and currently, many car manufacturers continue to use more modern versions of these timing belts. Modern timing belts are quieter and more efficient, but they tend to wear out, needing regular replacement. They also tend to give way without any warning, unlike the old crankshaft chains which would emit loud noises when they get stretched or worn out.

Some of the reasons for failure would include age-related wear and tear, contamination by water or oil leaks from adjacent parts, poor fitting, over and under tightening, and failure of adjacent components. In Atherton, timing belt replacement should be undertaken regularly according to the schedule provided in your manufacturer’s manual. In general, replacement is recommended every 60,000 km for most makes of cars. This is not a DIY job, unless you’re an expert mechanic yourself. The timing belt is located at the front of the engine. Though the actual replacement may take just a few minutes, accessing the timing belt through a nest of wires, hoses, and tubes can be challenging, and you could inadvertently damage some other part.

It’s important to select the right garage when you want to replace timing belts in Atherton. For assistance with the replacement of timing belts, contact Whitecroft Garage. At Whitecroft Garage, we give you a realistic, genuine and comprehensive estimate upfront and ensure that we do a professional and thorough job. Your safety and convenience are top priority, so speak to us today for a quote.