Car Garage in Over Hulton

Car Garage in Over HultonA professional car garage in Over Hulton is necessary. You depend on your car daily for work, kid activities and shopping. When your car breaks down, life screeches to a halt. However, many of us are a little insecure in auto maintenance and repairs. We ask our husband, son or boyfriend to take a look because we hear an unusual rattle. They promise to take a look when they have time and tell you it’s probably nothing. In every other area of your life you are fully in charge. This one area, the maintenance of your car, is the only one left to hope and chance.

You need a garage you and your car can call home. In Over Hulton, car garage Whitecroft Garage could be just the place you’re looking for. It’s a family-owned business so you know they will be there day in and day out. They service all makes and models of cars. They are the regional winner of the Motor Codes of the Year award, so they know their business. When you take your car there for servicing nobody gives you that look. You know that look, like you just crashed their boys club. All their customers are treated with respect. Whitecroft Garage is second generation owned because customer service has always come first.

Having Whitecroft Garage as your own car garage in Over Hulton means you will get reminders when your car is due for regular servicing and the yearly MOT. If needed, they will pick up and drop off your car for you. They will keep a record of your service history and advise on future maintenance needs. It sort of works like your medical provider or dentist. Because you see to your car’s regular check up and maintenance you are less likely to experience breakdowns or major repairs. You have peace of mind that you are safer on the road. Contact Whitecroft Garage and talk to the owner of a professional car garage. He’s always there. As for cost, maintenance is a lot cheaper than major repairs.