Clutch Repairs in Chorley

Clutch Repairs in ChorleyClutch repairs in Chorley are not something you can put off. If your clutch fails your car is almost undriveable unless you want to drive slowly in first gear. A clutch is vital and in most vehicles will last for the life of the car. There are exceptions. If you have a manual transmission and you drive the car hard it will wear out much faster. Cars and trucks that frequently haul heavy loads are likely to need a clutch replaced at least once during the lifetime of the vehicle. The clutch plate will wear down from friction with the flywheel. Manual and automatic clutch have essentially the same parts and replacement is comparable in cost. The replacement is labour intensive so it should be done by professionals.

While the clutch in your car is durable it is not exempt from occasional repairs or adjustments. As with replacements in Chorley, clutch repairs should be undertaken by the professionals at Whitecroft Garage. Any repair should include the replacement of the clutch disk and resurfacing or replacement of the flywheel. The pilot bearing should also be replaced. You will hear grinding and squealing when you engage the clutch  to let you know it’s worn. The cost for repairs will vary depending on the garage you patronise. Whitecroft Garage is your family owned neighbourhood shop. We are well established with an excellent reputation. Our neighbourhood is large, covering Bolton, Chorley, Wigan, Horwich and Westhoughton.

Whitecroft technicians are highly trained and experienced on clutch repairs in Chorley. We service all makes and models of cars. Our parts and labour are guaranteed and warrantied. If you want dealer quality for up to 60% less than dealer cost for clutch repairs, contact Whitecroft Garage. You will find us to be friendly and honest with high standards. In fact, for Whitecroft technicians, ongoing training is part of the job. We stay up to date with new technologies. Our customer service is second to none. We give you options when it comes to pricing your clutch repair but there won’t be any hidden costs. Our quote will be fair and if you need valet service we can provide that too. We are even open on Saturday.