Dashboard Light in Atherton

Dashboard Light in AthertonIs your dashboard light in Atherton sending you mixed signals? Dashboard lights tell you when there is a problem with your vehicle, so when you see flashing lights, it is time take your car in for a service. Your dashboard lights indicate a number of different things, from fuel levels to check engine lights. Whichever light it is, it should not be ignored. Sometimes it is a simple matter of a petrol cap being loose, or some other small irregularity that your engine’s computer has picked up and flagged as a problem. It is not worth ignoring however, as it could also be something more serious and dangerous. Taking your vehicle in to a garage for diagnostics and a service will ensure all issues are sorted out and your dashboard isn’t lighting up like a Christmas tree every time you go for a drive.

Ensure your safety while on the road by coming to Whitecroft Garage. In Atherton, dashboard light problems are easily solved at our garage. Whatever the fault is that your dashboard light is indicating, even if it’s simply the light itself that is malfunctioning, we can effectively and efficiently remedy it. Our state of the art diagnostic equipment and keen eye for detail will swiftly identify the problem and we will provide a competitive quotation for repairs. From the smallest loose wire that needs insulating and reconnecting to leaking batteries, worn out brakes or faulty starter motors, our professional and knowledgeable team will provide the ultimate solution.

If your dashboard light in Atherton is calling for a servicing, don’t ignore it. Visit our garage today for excellent service and reliable vehicle care. We are qualified to attend to all makes and models, including modern smart cars. Our service and replacement parts come with a National Guarantee and a twelve month warranty. Contact Whitecroft Garage if your dashboard light is warning you to get your car checked out. We have a fully equipped garage that handles all diagnostics, servicing and repairs as well as licenced MOT checks and testing.