Diagnostics in Over Hulton

diagnostics in Over HultonWe have the best diagnostics in Over Hulton. That’s great but what does that mean and how does it help me? Automotive Insider phrases get tossed around so we at Whitecroft Garage want you to understand the benefit you reap from technology that is constantly being upgraded. Automobile engines have a brain known as the electronic control unit (ECU). It controls and monitors the machinations of the engine as well as the exhaust. We have diagnostic tools that, once connected to your ECU can zero in on a specific engine fault. Once we have that diagnosis we repair it. Our diagnostic equipment means an accurate and quick diagnosis of your engine trouble. There is no trial and error. We get it right the first time. You are inconvenienced for a shorter time and since our techs are paid by the hour, you save money.

Diagnostics are an important tool but it is only one among several that Whitecroft Garage implements. Our most important asset in Over Hulton, diagnostics aside, is our team of certified mechanics. We have been in business since 1981, so we have a wealth of experience here at Whitecroft Garage. Our list of services is comprehensive. Besides diagnostics, we are a MOT certified garage. We service your engine but also brakes, suspension, clutches, steering, timing and exhaust. You will not even have to go searching for the best deal on tyres. We have them right here. No matter the make or model of your car, Whitecroft Garage is equipped to perform all servicing and repairs.

Diagnostics in Over Hulton help us in the performance of maintaining your car at peak performance. We are a member of Autocare; a national network of independent garages. Through them we are able to offer a warranty on all parts and labour. Contact Whitecroft Garage when you need a local garage that offers a full range of service and repair for all makes and models of cars. Our diagnostic equipment, service and parts warranty and the exemplary customer service we provide will guarantee that we can handle anything your car needs.