Pirelli Tyres in Chorley

Pirelli Tyres in ChorleyPirelli tyres in Chorley are Italian made tyres that are usually fitted to very expensive high-performance cars.  However, anyone with discerning taste can fit Pirelli tyres to their car.  First made over 140 years ago they started as makers of bicycle tyres and in 1901 began manufacturing the pneumatic tyre.  We are proud to be able to offer such highly regarded tyres as one of our premier brands.  We are tyre experts and can recommend Pirelli tyres for your vehicle as well as many other brands. We supply a full service from supply to wheel balancing while you wait. We can help you get the longest life out of your tyres by examining the wear on your present tyres.

When you need the very best for your car in Chorley, Pirelli tyres are one of the world’s top brand of tyres.  We can offer advice like how speed, braking and cornering all affect the wear on your tyres. We also check the tyres carefully for any damage.  Never try and repair tyres that have tread separation or fabric damage as this could severely endanger you and your car.  Tyres with any damage must be changed as soon as possible as if they burst while you are travelling at speed it could very well be fatal.  Regularly check the tread and make sure the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.

Pirelli tyres in Chorley can be fitted to a number of different vehicles not only cars. Contact Whitecroft Garage today and we will help you to choose the correct tyres for your vehicle.  We have the experience and the knowledge to expertly fit and balance any tyres you choose to fit on your car.  We have budget tyres as well as high-performance tyres all at very affordable prices. If we do not have the tyres you require in stock we can get them for you on the same day.  We pride ourselves on offering the best tyre service in the area.