Clutch Repairs in Farnworth

Clutch repairs in FarnworthWhen you need clutch repairs in Farnworth you don’t have to pay main dealership prices. At Whitecroft Garage you can pay up to 60% less. You still get the same quality expertise, parts and service but you don’t pay the high price. This will not affect your manufacturers warranty at all, and we use approved parts and manufacturers schedules. We can work on all makes and models of cars and we offer a wide range of services. At Whitecroft we provide a national guarantee for 12 months on parts and labour.

If your car is giving you problems in Farnworth, clutch repairs as well as a range of services are offered by Whitecroft Garage. We have the latest diagnostic equipment and will quickly establish what is at fault. There are some typical warning signs that there is something wrong with your clutch. If your clutch feels “spongy” and you have to let the clutch out almost the whole way to change gear, your clutch is probably worn. You could smell a burning smell. This is caused by friction due to the clutch slipping. Perhaps it is difficult to get your car into gear, especially first gear and reverse. These are all signs that you should have your clutch checked. There is no specified time period when you should check your clutch. For example a general service or a cam belt change is due after you have completed a certain mileage. With a clutch your driving style will determine how long the clutch lasts. If you tend to ride your clutch, you will need to repair it more frequently.

If your car is showing signs of a worn clutch, clutch repairs in Farnworth are expertly done by Whitecroft Garage. Call us today and speak to a friendly team member. We can service your car, do your tyres and brakes, check your timing, fix your suspension, and do your clutch. Our MOT centre is licensed to perform most MOT tests and we can repair most faults to ensure your car passes its MOT test. With us you will always get friendly and excellent service, and at the right price.