Run Flat Tyres in Kearsley

Run Flat Tyres in Kearsley Run flat tyres in Kearsley are essentially pneumatic tyres that are designed to enable the car to be driven safely if there is a puncture.  Self-supporting run flat tyres are now in common use on light trucks and passenger vehicles.  They have a long history as the first commercial self-supporting run flat tyres were developed in 1934.  They were initially sold for military use but were very expensive. As technology has developed, the tyre has become mass produced and affordable.  It must be noted that the vehicle cannot be driven for long distances on a flat tyre as there will eventually be damage to the wheel and this is expensive to repair or replace.

If you need to get to a safe place to change a flat tyre in Kearsley, run flat tyres will allow you to drive until you find a secure area to replace the tyre. You can safely drive for about 80 kilometers with a flat tyre, but you will need to get it repaired or replaced after that. You should also not travel faster than 80 kilometers an hour while driving on the flat tyre.  This is fast enough and far enough to get you to your destination or to a garage that can fix your tyre.

Run flat tyres in Kearsley are available at our garage.  Contact Whitecroft Garage today to arrange to have your new run flat tyres fitted.  We are very proud of our reputation and have been runner-up as the auto care garage of the year and also won 2nd place in the best of Bolton most loved category for MOT stations throughout the country. We strive to keep our staff up to date with the demands of the modern car by sending them on training courses.  We aim to keep our high standards and well-earned reputation. Our garage was started in 1981 and was passed down to son, Glynne, in 1996. He has over 25 years of experience as a qualified vehicle technician.