Timing Belts in Hindley

Timing Belts in HindleyAt Whitecroft Garage, when we tell car owners they have broken timing belts in Hindley, they don’t always grasp the seriousness of the problem right away. Their first response is often a request for a quote on a belt replacement. That’s when we sometimes have to explain how serious the situation is. You see if the car owner had requested that we swap out the timing belt when he had 60,000 miles on his car the repair would not have been so costly. The timing belt keeps the valves and pistons in sync within your combustion engine. Once it breaks, everything immediately goes out of sync and the car will not move. Whether it ever moves again depends on how much damage was done to the valves and pistons at the time the belt broke.

Occasionally, repair is not possible and your only choices are to scrap the car or replace the engine. However, most of the time in Hindley, timing belts damage can be successfully repaired. While we can repair the damage, the cost is quadruple what the replacement would have been at 40,000 kilometres. Still, it’s likely cheaper than replacing the car and you will probably never have to worry about it again. Sometimes, but not always, there are warning signs your timing belt needs replacing. It could be a ticking noise, oil in front of the engine or the reason your engine will not turn over at all. Your owner’s manual will recommend the point when a timing belt should be replaced. Here at Whitecroft Garage, we encourage our customers to heed the manufacturer’s advice.

The potential for serious injury when timing belts in Hindley suddenly break at a speed of 50-70 km p/h along a roadway is great. The car stops leaving it vulnerable to a rear end collision involving more people. Contact Whitecroft Garage for more about timing belts. We want to encourage you to have the belt replaced when it reaches the high mileage point and becomes hazardous. Bring your car to our garage and let our mechanics check your timing belt for wear. If it needs replacement we have reasonable rates and superior customer service. Our award winning garage is staffed with mechanics experienced on all makes and models of cars and a solid reputation for excellent customer service.