Renault Servicing in Horwich

Renault Servicing in HorwichRenault servicing in Horwich is available at your local garage. Besides servicing your Renault, we also offer the annual MOT test. If we are taking care of your car already then the MOT test should be quick and easy. We replace worn tyres and repair or install new exhaust systems on your vehicle. We are expert at replacing timing belts and clutch components that have worn. The brakes are another wearing part that need to be changed periodically. The brakes are designed to wear as this is what slows the vehicle down. Over time they become inefficient and need to be changed. The suspension system on a car enables stable driving and this needs careful monitoring. If the shock absorbers become too soft to efficiently cushion the movement of the wheels they also need to be replaced.

When your French manufactured vehicle needs attention in Horwich, Renault servicing if affordable and carried out by highly qualified technicians. Our technicians are regularly sent on courses to keep them up to date with all new innovations and technology. We pride ourselves on our modern diagnostic machine which aids the technicians in establishing the cause of faults. They also reset the service and warning lights and allow for quick rectification of electronic faults.

Renault servicing in Horwich is one of our specialities. Contact Whitecroft Garage today and book your Renault in for a service. The company was established in 1981 and has been in the family ever since. The second generation owner has over 25 years of experience as a vehicle technician and strives to maintain the companies well deserved reputation. This hard work has resulted in a number of second place results in various trade group competitions. This against many large garages who have far larger staff and facilities. However our staff are friendly and efficient at what they do and the customers receive personal service. There is nothing more reassuring than having your history remembered by your local service centre.