Steering Problems in Over Hulton

Steering Problems in Over HultonSteering problems in Over Hulton can be deadly. The really scary part is that you often do not notice it. The steering becomes harder so gradually that you are not even aware of it. This problem can be cause by wheel alignment and often the damage is done to the tyres on the inside, so a cursory look at the tyres will not reveal the true extent of the problem. Not only is it extremely tiring to have to fight the steering wheel to keep the car straight, but you risk a tyre blowing and causing the car to crash. There are also mechanical problems that can be far more dangerous.

When your car will not go where you want it to in Over Hulton, steering problems may be the cause. If any of the parts of the mechanical steering on your vehicle wear you may find the car pulling to one side or the steering may feel loose. If there is an abnormal amount of play in the wheel it is essential that you bring the car to us as soon as possible. Do not wait for the next service date as that may be too late for you and the car. The longer you leave a problem like this the more damage will be done to the other part of the steering system.

Steering problems in Over Hulton can be dangerous. If you suspect you’re your car has problems with the steering, contact Whitecroft Garage today to book your car in for a check up. We have an enviable reputation for honesty and reliability and have had extraordinary success in various trade group awards. The company was started by the present owner’s father in 1981 and has therefore over 36 years of experience in taking care of customers cars. Our technicians are highly qualified and are regularly sent on courses to keep them up to date with the latest demands of the modern car. Some of our technicians have been with us for over a decade and we trust their expertise and knowledge.