Engine Management Light in Wigan

Engine Management Light in WiganPutting tape over your engine management light in Wigan won’t solve your problem. At Whitecroft Garage, it’s common to hear our customers ask why that stupid light keeps coming on. The truth is, it’s not a stupid light. It’s actually smart because you have a smart car. It has a computer for a brain and when a vehicle system malfunctions it lets you know. It would be nice if it was smart enough to tell you exactly what is wrong with your car. Someday it will and it will repair itself without you even having to stop. Until then, bring it to us at Whitecroft Garage. We have computers too and they’re smart enough to talk to your car’s computer and tell us what is likely wrong. We’re smart enough to make the necessary repairs.

Our mechanics have been in the business for many years but staying up to date with technology is an ongoing process. Frankly, we usually know the issues that trigger, in Wigan, engine management light on your car. The diagnostic equipment we use can pinpoint it exactly so there’s no trial and error. A great benefit is that we can determine if it’s just the one thing wrong or if there’s something else that needs attention as well. Technology is great but auto service and repair centres have to keep current. One way to be sure diagnostic tools and technician training is up to date is take your care to the dealer. They usually have to stay current. It will cost you a bundle though even if you only needed your gas cap screwed on.

Dealers have a lot of overhead costs so when your engine management light in Wigan comes on, they have to charge you dearly. We think it’s smarter to bring your car to us. We have the same tools, training and quality parts as the dealer but we’re independent. That means we can do the same job or better for far less. Contact Whitecroft Garage if your engine light comes on. We offer a national guarantee on parts and labour because we are an award winning member of Autocare, the national network for independent garages. We are a full service garage offering MOT, preventative service, repairs and tyres.