Exhaust Replacement in Leigh

Exhaust Replacement in LeighIf you can hear it is time for an exhaust replacement in Leigh, bring your car to Whitecroft Garage as soon as you are able. If your car is making a terrible sound or if you hear a hissing sound and you notice fumes in the car, it must be seen to by a garage. The role of an exhaust is to help minimise the noise that is made during the exhaust process. It also directs the exhaust fumes out of the vehicle. This means a faulty exhaust doesn’t only make a lot of noise, it also causes very real problems for the driver and the passengers in the car. Delaying a much need exhaust replacement will cost more in the long run. Drive with an exhaust leak or bad catalytic converter can damage other things in your vehicle’s operating system.

To stay within the regulations of exhaust emissions in Leigh, an exhaust replacement should be considered. Bring your car to our garage and our experienced mechanics will take a look at your vehicle. We will first identify the problem with a visual check. If the exhaust is corroded or damaged, we will recommend a replacement. We can provide a new exhaust and all our parts and labour are covered by a national guarantee. We also offer a twelve month warranty on all parts fitted and labour, unless this is specifically stated or agreed on. Regardless of the make or age of your car, we are happy to provide an exhaust replacement. As all cars registered after 1993 are fitted with catalytic converters, we will also inspect and ensure that this important component is working correctly.

Don’t delay if your car needs an exhaust replacement in Leigh. Ignoring the loud noise in the hope that it will go away will not work. To ensure no further damage is done to your car, contact Whitecroft Garage for an appointment for an exhaust replacement. Our team is highly trained and experienced and will ensure that your car’s exhaust is replaced efficiently and correctly. We are proud of our reputation as a reliable, honest and professional garage.