Kia Car Servicing in Kearsley

Kia Car Servicing in KearsleyHow do you determine that a Kia car servicing in Kearsley is required? Many motorists drive their cars without possessing the basic knowledge about vehicles. The truth of the matter is that it is when the vehicle experiences a complete breakdown that we bother to take it in to a garage. In actuality, the adage ‘prevention is better than the cure’ applies to vehicles as well. There are subtle warning signs that your car emits to indicate that it needs servicing. Some of these signs are: grinding or squealing sounds when the car comes to a stop, oil leaks under the car, green fluid leaking from the engine, slow in starting, excessive vibration during driving and squealing sounds when the A/C is started. If you hear or experience of these problems with your Kia, you must take it into a garage.

For car owners in Kearsley, Kia car servicing is available at Whitecroft Garage. Servicing your Kia on a regular basis helps to identify impending mechanical problems before they happen. It also helps to keep up the resale value of your car. At Whitecroft Garage, we provide the same level of service if not better than your main dealership, but at more affordable rates. In fact, if you Kia is within its warranty period, you can bring in your vehicle to our garage. Thanks to Block Exemption, you have the freedom to take your vehicle to any registered garage without voiding the warranty. This would make complete sense because we offer the same services as the main dealership but at a lower cost; sometimes 60% cheaper! After conducting the necessary servicing, we will stamp your service book. For your convenience, we can pick up and drop off your vehicle after completing the service. Should your vehicle require a parts replacement, we will provide the part with a 12 month warranty on both parts and labor.

If it’s time for Kia car servicing in Kearsley, visit your local garage. Give Whitecroft Garage a call today to book your servicing appointment. One preventative step today, will save you a lot of money tomorrow!