Cheap MOT’s in Horwich

Cheap MOT's in HorwichSo, you’re looking for cheap MOTs in Horwich. You can probably find several places to undertake your annual MOT for cheap. Of course, it could end up costing you more. What if your car fails the MOT and your cheap MOT testing facility is not a full service garage? Now you have to take it to a mechanic at another garage. You have a little time to get the repairs completed and retest without having to pay again. If your mechanic can’t finish your repairs quickly, you could have to pay a second time for your MOT test. There is nothing cheap about that plus it is inconvenient and time consuming. Before you choose a cheap MOT testing facility, consider what we offer at Whitecroft Garage. We offer cheap MOTs but a lot more because we are a full service garage.

Whitecroft Garage is licensed by the transportation department to conduct MOT testing. In Horwich, cheap MOTs mean we inspect your car for any obvious fail points before testing. Some things are easy enough to correct like a loose bumper, engine light on and bald tyres. We prepare your car for its MOT so your car will not likely fail. In the event your car still fails the MOT due to some less obvious cause, we can make the repairs and retest easily within the allotted time frame. You won’t have to repay to retest. Neither will we make unnecessary repairs leading you to believe without them your car will fail the MOT. We’re cheap, honest and very good at what we do.

The purpose of a cheap MOT in Horwich or anywhere else is to make sure vehicles are roadworthy and in safe condition. The test also tells us if your car is polluting the air. It’s a test from which we all benefit because it keeps all of us safer. Contact Whitecroft Garage and schedule your MOT with us. If you have your car serviced annually, it may suit you to schedule the MOT and service appointment at the same time. That will save you time and inconvenience. All service points will be addressed as well as all MOT points. Ours is a family owned garage established in 1981. We enjoy an excellent reputation in the area and provide value for money for all our services.