Car Garage in Swinton

Car Garage in SwintonOur customers at Whitecroft Garage tell us they are glad their car garage in Swinton is a one stop, do it all, comprehensive garage. We don’t just do electrical or diagnostics or MOT testing or exhaust systems or gear boxes. We do it all. When you make Whitecroft your family service and repair garage, we get to know your cars inside out and backwards. After a while we don’t just have years of experience on all makes and model of cars; we have experience specific to your cars. It’s like having the same barber or dentist. You’re  comfortable with the familiarity and have a friendly rapport. You know the job will get done right the first time

As a regular at Whitecroft Garage we know you like a tight clutch, prefer to run oil a quart low and want your tyre pressure at exactly 37 lbs. In Swinton, car garage employees will learn that you are adamant about the tyre brand you use and you only use synthetic oil. Never mind what’s on sale; you like it the way you like it. We also know when something needs taking care of you listen to our reasons and recommendations because we’ve never steered you wrong. You know we haven’t been stagnating here for the last many years. Our technicians are always updating their training to meet the challenge of changes to new cars. We maintain state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that will cut down the time to troubleshoot any worries.

A car garage in Swinton is an independent service provider. Therefore, we can charge way less than your dealer. We use well-paid skilled technicians and, if you choose, manufacturer original parts. We can charge you less because we do not have the brand name overhead the dealer has. Contact Whitecroft Garage and schedule your car for maintenance service or repair. You’ll find we’re a friendly bunch of skilled professionals ready to provide you with high quality care for your car and excellent customer service. It’s good to go “where everybody knows your name” and your car.