Clutch Repairs in Bolton

Clutch Repairs in BoltonIt is possible to perform DIY clutch repairs in Bolton, but is a rather complicated and time consuming procedure. There are also several steps where things could go wrong, and if you find that you’ve hit a dead end, or a problem popped up, you should call a mechanic and take your car in to avoid any damage. With that being said, the first step involves checking to make sure that the clutch is the actual issue with your car, and that the problem does not stem from another component.

There are several components to check here, and, in Bolton, clutch repairs are easier to perform if you have a spare parts shop nearby. Once you are ready to start, you will have to disconnect the negative battery terminal, and raise the car’s front end using a jack stand. You then want to secure the engine, either from above or below. For rear wheel drive cars, taking off the transmission shifter lever is the next step, followed by the removal of the driveshaft, which applies for all vehicles. The clutch linkage, speedometer cable and starter motor are the next to go. For the starter motor, make sure that you note which wire runs where, because misconnecting them could lead to a system wide short circuit. The same goes for all the electrical connections in the engine housing.

The transmission is the next focus of attention when doing clutch repairs in Bolton. Using a jack to provide structural support from underneath, loosen all the bolts of the transmission. This will allow you to carefully slide the transmission from its mount. You now have access to the clutch itself. The rest of the process involves inspecting elements of the clutch such as the flywheel, pressure place, pilot bearing, and the crankshaft flange. If any problems are found, a replacement clutch will be needed. If you’d like to find out more information about the process, or have your clutch professionally repaired, contact Whitecroft Garage today. We have all of the tools, knowledge and expertise to help you out.