Timing Belts in Atherton

Timing Belts in Atherton We help to keep our customers’ timing belts in Atherton in top condition. At Whitecroft Garage, we are proud of our reputation for spotting a problem in the early stages and ensuring that it’s properly fixed. Our customers throughout the Bolton area and beyond rely on us for timely diagnosis, repairs and maintenance – that’s what gives them peace of mind and a sense of security. Knowing that their vehicle is regularly serviced and maintained assures drivers and passengers that they will have a safe and comfortable ride. Our qualified, trained and experienced team can handle any make and model of vehicle. Being a local service, we offer a friendly, flexible and personalised service, combined with the best of international business practices. We use the latest technology, state-of-the-art tools and equipment and offer a national guarantee on labour and replacement parts.

The timing belt or cambelt as it’s also known is a very important part of your engine. As in other places, in Atherton, timing belts can cause serious damage to your engine (and your finances) if you don’t ensure that they’re functioning well. It is a toothed rubber belt which controls the rotation of the crank-shaft and the camshaft. This belt controls the timed opening/closing of cylinder valves and regulates the correction engine combustion. It also keeps these very fast-moving parts apart. That’s why damage to the timing belt can cause widespread problems in your engine. In general the life-span of timing belts is between 50-90,000 miles. Some cars have timing chains, but they are more expensive and noisier.

Replacement of timing belts in Atherton can be challenging if the garage is inexperienced. The exact position of timing belts varies with different models and makes of vehicles. If you need assistance with your timing belts, contact us today. Our trained mechanics can locate and fix it quickly and efficiently. Customers have to be aware that the actual cost of replacement may not be very high. What does add to costs is the damage that other parts may have sustained because of the faulty timing belt. Since timing belt problems occur with little or no warning, we recommend that customers get their cars serviced regularly.