Mini Servicing in Farnworth

Mini Servicing in FarnworthMini servicing in Farnworth should be done by Mini specialist and that means Whitecroft Garage. Attend a Mini Rally and be amazed at the many body styles, models and years that are still on the road. Your local garage is the one you can trust and depend on to take care of your Mini, new or old. Our loyal Mini owners come from Bolton, Chorley, Wigan, Westhoughton and Horwich. They keep coming back because of our first rate service and high standards for excellence. Whitecroft Garage is our family business and has been since 1981. Family owned and independent means our focus is on customer satisfaction. That’s why we guarantee our parts and labour through our membership in Autocare.

No garage can do a good job unless the technicians are highly trained, mini certified with a good work ethic and experience. For those in Farnworth, mini servicing by our technicians means you get dealer quality servicing without the high price. But no matter how much our mechanics know, their education is ongoing because auto designers and manufacturers are always working to upgrade and go one better than the next one. We keep our equipment updated so we always have the latest diagnostics to help us troubleshoot the issue in less time. We offer comprehensive service which includes regular maintenance service, repair or replacement of exhausts, brakes, suspension, clutches, timing belts and steering. But that’s not all; we can fit your Mini with new tyres and perform your annual MOT.

Mini servicing in Farnworth is routine for some but for others, who own classics, they want specialists on the job. There are servicing differences between 1960 and 1995 Mini’s. For some it’s transportation but for others the Mini represents some of their finest moments in time. Rally, Sport, Clubman, Mini Cooper are all great cars but wouldn’t it be great to own a Mini Pickup Truck or Mini Moke? If you do own one, contact us so we can have a look at it. Bring your brand new Mini Countryman too; it’s the biggest Mini ever and has all the bells and whistles. There are so many models covering so many years of the Mini history to date. That’s why you want Mini specialists like our team here taking care of the one that caught your eye.