Run Flat Tyres in Ainsworth

Run Flat Tyres in AinsworthRun Flat tyres in Ainsworth can be found at Whitecroft Garage. We know not every garage carries run flats but we’re a full-service garage and that includes tyres. If we’re going to stock tyres then we figure we need to stock what our customers need. If by chance you need a tyre and we don’t have it stocked, we can usually get it for you the same day. If you know your size and brand call ahead and we’ll confirm we have it or order it. If you get a flat on your run flat tyre while on the road and you are within 100 miles of Whitecroft Garage, call us; we’ll make sure you’re taken care of with the replacement tyre you need.

The beauty of run flat tyres is you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience and danger of a blowout or a puncture flat that leaves you stranded alongside the road. For drivers in Ainsworth, run flat tyres add a layer of protection for family members. At Whitecroft Garage, along with our full-service garage and MOT service we have a dedicated bay for tyre fitting along with free tyre balancing.  Count on us to get the job done right. Balancing is important to uniform wear, the way the car handles and corners and safety on all road surfaces. If you’re not replacing all four tyres, we can check the old tyres for wear and rotate them for the best balance.

Some vehicles are purchased with run flat tyres in Ainsworth. Those that do will not have a spare tyre or changing tools. Manufacturers may use that extra space to create a roomier interior. That’s great but if you are new to run flat tyres keep in mind the distance you can drive on a flat is limited; usually 100 miles. Push that limit and you will get a blowout. These are great tyres and you’ll never need to lay down on the roadside in your best clothes to change a tyre again as long as you respect the limits. If your car is ready for a new set of tyres contact Whitecroft Garage. We’ll fit you with a new set of perfectly fitted and balanced tyres.