Kia Car Servicing in Little Hulton

Kia Car Servicing in Little HultonKia car servicing in Little Hulton is still important to the longevity of your car even though it’s known for long life and dependability. As part of the South Korean car manufacturing enterprise, Kia has proven a favourite for petrol and electric car owners. Our team of technicians have mastered the mechanics of the Kia as well or better than any dealer garage. So why bring your Kia to us instead of the dealer? Our mechanics have twenty-five to thirty years’ experience and Whitecroft Garage itself was established in 1981. Does your dealership mechanics have that much experience? Another reason you’ll like Whitecroft Garage is, while we have as much or more experience than your dealer, we charge up to 40% less because we’re independently owned and operated.

Besides experience and money, wouldn’t you like to feel comfortable enough with the mechanics taking care of your car to ask them questions and know they’ll take the time to answer?  In Little Hulton, Kia car servicing with us may not be run like an assembly line like the dealer is, but we’ve got time to talk to our customers. You know that long receipt you get when your dealer is finished servicing your car? Do you know what all those itemised entries and corresponding prices are for exactly? How about the bottom-line; is it what you expected? We’re going to give you the bottom line first, before we service your car. If anything unexpected comes up during service, we’ll call you with any price increase or decrease and get your permission before we proceed.

We’ve got nothing against dealers for Kia car servicing in Little Hulton. We just like that feeling of being independent and free to make a good deal on parts and pass the savings on to our customers. We guarantee our parts and labour and adhere to manufacturers’ standards and recommendations. You’ll have a choice of aftermarket parts if you want to save more money but otherwise we use authentic factory parts. We like not having a big percentage of our profits pulled from us for advertising and overhead. If you like doing business that way too, contact us and schedule your Kia for its next service appointment. You might want to do that at the same time you schedule your MOT. We’re full service; we do it all.