Discount Tyres in Chorley

Discount Tyres in ChorleyFor the supply and fitting of discount tyres in Chorley, pay us a visit. Tyres are taken very much for granted, but they are all that keeps your car safely on the road. The area of the tyre in contact with the road at any one time is around the size of your palm. If you consider that this is all that keeps your car on the road and your family safe you will realise that there should be as much tread as possible. Worn treads make the car more difficult to control and can be dangerous especially in wet weather. Our knowledge of tyres will help you to choose a set of tyres that is perfect for your car and your budget.

You tend to overlook some parts of your car so long as the engine is running. In Chorley, discount tyres are as important to safety, if not more so than the rest of the car. If a tyre bursts or you lose control because the tyres are worn you could have a fatal accident. We will check the condition of your tyres and let you know if they require replacing. By law, you need to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around three-quarters of the tyre. Most manufacturers recommend that your tyres are changed when they reach 3mm depth. It is always better to make sure you and your family are safe.

The latest state of the art discount tyres in Chorley are available at our garage.  Contact Whitecroft Garage today to arrange to have your new tyres fitted.  We are very proud of our reputation and have been runner up as the auto care garage of the year and also won 2nd place in the best of Bolton most loved category for MOT stations throughout the country. We strive to keep our staff up to date with the demands of the modern car by sending them on training courses.  We aim to keep our high standards and well-earned reputation. Our garage was started in 1981 and we continue to provide our customers with professional, quality and efficient services.