Pirelli Tyres in Farnworth

Pirelli Tyres in FarnworthWhen only Pirelli tyres in Farnworth will do, come to Whitecroft Garage for the best price and complete tyre service.  You may associate Pirelli Tyres with sponsored races around the world and why not? After all, Pirelli is the ‘winningest’ tyre on the track. Most high performance and prestige cars are sold with Pirelli tyres, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Maserati and more. Your BMW or Mercedes likely came equipped with Pirelli tyres. But, do you really need Pirelli? After all, they do cost a little more and all you want to do is get yourself to work and the kids to school safely. We believe the innovation and safety engineering that goes into Pirelli tyres is more than worth it for the same reasons race cars and prestige car owners prefer them.

Your tyres are critical to the handling, fuel efficiency and safety of your car. Whatever car you drive in Farnworth, Pirelli tyres are designed and engineered with those features for your car. We sell Pirelli tyres you can depend on to last longer than most other tyres and keep you safe. If you want the flat out feature for your tyres, Pirelli makes them. For tyres to assist with the safe handling of your car, they must be properly fitted. We have a designated bay for tyre fitting at our garage. We invest in new technology that helps us precision fit tyres and balance them perfectly. We can check your front-end alignment too because if that’s off, your tyres won’t wear evenly and that negates the safety and longevity you paid for.

Besides Pirelli tyres in Farnworth, we stock a full range of high performance and budget tyres for your car. We offer same-day service and reasonable prices. We can save you money over dealer costs without shorting you on customer service. Our reputation is long established for professional service, highly experienced technicians and guaranteed customer satisfaction. If you are in the market for new Pirelli tyres, contact Whitecroft Garage for a quote on our Pirelli tyres. We can also check your tyres so you have an idea about how much tread is left and if your tyres are evenly worn. We’re here to complete tyre repairs for you too, and we’ll have you back on the road in no time.