Mini Servicing in Blackrod

Mini Servicing in BlackrodDealer Mini servicing in Blackrod can be very expensive. These are great little cars and well loved by their owners. Like all brands of vehicles, they have their own special quirks and weak points. Not every garage outside of a dealership will know those quirks and weaknesses. So you take your car to an independent in hopes of saving money. That garage doesn’t know Mini’s like the dealer does or like we at Whitecroft Garage do. Regular maintenance service is very important to keep Mini’s at optimum performance. The word is that you only have to change the oil every two years. Don’t believe it. Engines like clean oil, so for top performance and longevity we recommend oil changes every 5000 miles.

You want a garage servicing your Mini that knows more frequent oil changes is better for your car. In Blackrod, Mini servicing for performance and longevity means using High Performance Synthetic 5W-30 oil. It costs more but it pays you back in the long run. If you’ve been putting regular petrol in your Mini, you are placing wear and tear on the engine and probably getting poor gas mileage. High Performance petrol only for your Mini and it will perform optimally with a longer life span. Mini’s are fun cars to drive so some owners drive them hard. If that’s you, you want your Mini serviced by experience Mini mechanics such as we have at Whitecroft Garage. We will do a careful inspection of the transmission and oil seals.

Mini servicing in Blackrod at Whitecroft Garage is good for your Mini and your wallet. We are your local independent service garage, established for over 30 years and staffed by experienced professionals who understand the Mini. We are going to be able to save you money over dealer costs. Contact Whitecroft Garage and arrange a time for your Mini servicing. You and your car will have our undivided attention. We guarantee customer satisfaction. We might even be more conveniently located for you. Most Mini owners love their cars and never want to part with them. Bring it to us and we’ll help you keep it in top form.