When You Need a Professional Service for Timing Belts in Bolton

timing belts in StocktonTiming belts in Bolton keeps the opening and closing of your car engine valves in sync. They should be checked for signs of wear when your vehicle is in for servicing. You want to replace worn timing belts before they break. Once it breaks, your engine shuts down and that could lead to additional damage and expensive repairs. In heavy traffic, a sudden break of your timing belt and engine shut down could cause an accident. Timing belts are not a part that has to frequently be replaced. You may only need to replace it once, and that only after 60,000 miles. But it is a part you want checked for safety by experienced auto technicians. Our team at Whitecroft Garage has decades of experience in all phases of automotive diagnostics, maintenance and repair.

There are often warning signs that a timing belt is worn and about to break. However, in Bolton, timing belts signals of trouble may go unnoticed. So be aware and check out the cause of that ticking noise in your engine. You might also notice an oil leak on the front side of your engine. Black smoke emission is another indicator of a worn timing belt. Because the timing belt is connected to a series of pulleys, the engine may not turn over or if it does, it might misfire. These are signs to watch for in your high mileage car that indicate the need for an immediate service check. If you’ve been bringing your car to us for regular maintenance and service, we’ll likely spot the wear on your timing belt before it presents a hazard.

When you bring your car to us to check timing belts in Bolton, you can count on accurate recommendations. We may spot some wear on the timing belt and recommend you replace it within a reasonable time frame. Or, our techs may see it needs immediate replacement. Either way, we’ll give you an honest and educated recommendation. Keep your car running safely and efficiently by making Whitecroft Garage your regular maintenance and repair shop. When you contact us, you can expect family friendly customer service and professional quality mechanical expertise. We are an independent family owned garage providing dealer quality services without the high dealer price.