Professional Clutch Repairs in Clifton by an Expert Team of Mechanics

clutch repairs in CliftonClutch repairs in Clifton can be an expensive repair. That is especially true if you put the repair off instead of attending to it at the first sign of trouble. Clutch repairs do not sneak up on you. If you drive a car with a manual transmission then you know the first signs of slippage or stuttering means fix it now or replace it completely later. That burning smell indicates friction and uneven wear which means other parts along with the clutch may need replacement.  If you keep your car long enough, or if you drive it hard, you can expect to need clutch repairs. Since the clutch is an integral part of your drivetrain and subject to so much abuse, we sometimes need to replace adjacent components at the time we replace your clutch. That saves you money down the road. What you don’t know is exactly when the faulty clutch will quit altogether, leaving you stranded.

Get your clutch repaired at the first sign of trouble. In Clifton, clutch repairs by our mechanics are likely to be your best deal. We are a long established, independent and family owned garage. All our parts and labour are guaranteed and work is carried out at a professional level. Our equipment and training is always being updated, keeping pace with the latest technology. You can count on an expert repair. However, if you usually take your car back to your dealer for service and repairs, we have a nice surprise for you. You get the same quality of service and expertise as you would get from your dealer. But, we can save you up to 60% off your dealer prices. That is exactly the same quality of parts and service.

We are the best garage for clutch repairs in Clifton but we offer so much more. We are a full service garage serving the area. Our expertise extends to all makes and models. Included in our list of services are tyres and MOT’s. We can also arrange to collect and deliver your car back to you on service days. Contact us at the first sign of a worn clutch. Bring your car in and we’ll quote you a price you can count on. That is the number that will be on your invoice when you come to collect your car. We’ve been here almost forty years. You can trust us with your car.