Ensure Your Safety with Timely Brake Pad Replacement in Knotty Ash

Brake Pad Replacement in Knotty AshIt might be time for a brake pad replacement in Knotty Ash. Check in with us and we’ll have a look at the condition of your existing pads. There are signs they need replacing. You can watch or rather listen for them.  It’s that high pitched screeching and you’ve probably heard it before either on your own car or someone else’s. Your car may have a warning light on the dash as well. Either way, don’t ignore the signals. If you do ignore the signals the next sound you hear may be less high pitched and more like a dull grinding sound. That means your brake pads are down to nothing and your brake discs and calipers are making contact. Metal is grinding against metal and scoring the discs. Now you have a more expensive repair.

Expensive repairs are not the real issue to be concerned about if you don’t replace your brake pads in a timely manner. In Knotty Ash, brake pad replacement is essential to your safety and that of everyone in your car and sharing the road with you. Just check your pads to determine if they are at least about 3 mm thick. If you wait for the screeching, don’t wait to hear it a second time. It’s time to change those brake pads. Just an aside; if you have teenagers with their own car, check their brakes or bring the car to our garage. Make them come with you so they understand the safety hazard.

Brake pad replacement in Knotty Ash is usually necessary every 35,000 miles, give or take. If you ride your brake then maybe sooner. Also, if most of your driving is done in stop and go city traffic you might want them checked more frequently. The most important thing we want to convey is safety first. Peek through your spokes and check your brake pads, bring your car to us for a check-up. Contact Whitecroft Garage for a timely brake pad replacement. You can count on our team to provide professional skills and experience so the job is done right at the lowest possible price. We’re your friendly neighbourhood garage and we value your business. We’ll look out for you and keep your car safe.