Ensure Regular Inspection of Timing Belts in Bolton

timing belts in BoltonThe inspection of timing belts in Bolton by qualified mechanics may not seem important to you. Perhaps you own a car with less than 50,000 miles so it should be fine. Or maybe you’ve never been cruising along at a high rate of speed, heard a high pitched noise followed by a complete shutdown of your engine. One thing is for sure, if that ever does happen to you, you’ll never take timing belt inspection for granted again. That is especially true if your belt breaks in the middle of nowhere or late at night. It’s not like getting a flat tyre that you can replace by the side of the road. If you had an extra timing belt in your boot along with tools and it was the middle of the day, you would be lucky to get a new belt on by yourself. It’s a difficult part to replace.

We make it a priority to always check the condition of your timing belt when you bring your car to us for service and maintenance. On most cars in Bolton, timing belts are expected to last at least 50,000 miles. There are exceptions both ways but it’s important to maintain a check on it. We look for wear on the belt or thinning. We may see a little and remind you it should be replaced at your next check-up. If we see signs of extensive wear, we’ll encourage you to replace the belt immediately. Usually, your first sign of a worn timing belt is a sudden halt to engine operation. You’re lucky if that’s all that happens because a snapped timing belt can damage your engine. The result could be extensive and expensive repairs.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry so let us inspect your timing belts in Bolton. We are an independent garage equipped to handle every emergency as well as routine service at below dealer prices. Our techs are some of the best in the business, expert on all makes and models. We are a local favourite having been established since 1981; always providing top quality guaranteed parts and labour. Ours is a full service garage with the latest in training and technology. Contact us today and schedule your car in for service and we will have a look at your timing belt as well. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our service. If you’ve ever had a timing belt snap then you know that you never want that to happen to you again. We will help you make sure it doesn’t.