Pirelli Tyres in Hindley, Top Quality at Excellent Prices

Pirelli Tyres in HindleyThose for whom only Pirelli will do can get the best buy on Pirelli tyres in Hindley at Whitecroft Garage. Pirelli makes great quality tyres that promise a comfortable and safe ride. When you buy them from us you can count on a perfect fit and balancing for your tyres. The tyre may be high quality but if it’s not fitted correctly, it becomes a safety hazard. Correct alignment helps your tyres last longer and wear evenly. Rotating them will extend the life of tyres and keeping them balanced promotes a safe and comfortable ride. We also carry out front end alignments on your car. When the front end of the car is out of alignment, one tyre is likely to wear more quickly than another. It’s often a blowout waiting to happen and you may not be aware of the aggressive damage being done to your tyre.

We stock a wide variety of quality tyres in all price ranges. In Hindley, Pirelli tyres, along with many other quality tyres are offered when your old tyres are starting to show wear. Check them frequently to be on the safe side because it’s easy to forget how long it’s been since their last replacement. If tread is below 1.6mm, it’s time to replace. You know, of course, that there should never be damage to the fabric of the tyre and no cords or wires should be visible. There are no absolutes for the amount of time between tyre replacements but we can usually tell you the average number of miles you can expect to get from any given brand and type of tyre.

The life expectancy of Pirelli tyres in Hindley depends on tyre quality, correct fitting, miles driven and proper front-end alignment. Just as important, however, is your driving and stopping style along with road conditions. Tyres won’t last as long on a street full of potholes and broken pavement. Unpaved roads such as gravel roads are also harder on tyre wear. If you leave rubber on the road every time you start and stop, expect to replace tyres frequently. Contact Whitecroft Garage when you need new tyres. We’re a full service and repair garage as well as an MOT centre. We can take care of all your car needs, including tyres.