Engine Management Light in Worsley, a Warning Light Not to be Ignored

Engine Management Light in WorsleyIf you need bespoke services for problems with engine management light in Worsley, Whitecroft Garage is the right place to head to. We offer a comprehensive range of services on most brands of motor vehicles, providing the advantage of bringing you a main dealer service at no extra cost! Our enterprise, a family-owned one, teams passion and dedication to bring you the highest standards of service and products. All services are supported by a national guarantee which you can benefit from anywhere in the country. All fitted parts and labour come with a one year guarantee, offered by a network of garages under ”AUTOCARE”. We live by the motto of “First Class Service, Always!”

It is noted in Worsley, the engine management light is incorporated specifically in certain branded cars with sophisticated technology. These flashing lights are special inbuilt features that serve as warning lights and the engine management light is an important one.  This usually flashes when prompted by the ECU (Engine Control Unit) which detects any irregularity in the normal running of the engine. It indicates early trouble, which when attended to promptly can prevent greater damage or major repairs to the engine unit. Unlike other dashboard lights, this does not alert you to a specific fault. A visit to our garage can pinpoint the exact reasons, which are ascertained with the help of specialised diagnostic equipment.

What does it mean if your engine management light in Worsley flashes? In most cases this light is interpreted on a colour-coded basis. A dual colour code of amber-red indicates a ‘check- engine’ message. Amber light tells you that something is wrong, but it does not indicate an emergency situation. You can safely reach your destination and call us immediately. A red light though, suggests that you pull over and arrange for an immediate pick up. The engine management light can indicate an overheated engine, a block, or a host of other problems. Contact Whitecroft Garage for prompt and swift action. Our expert technicians will get to the crux of the problem quickly and suggest the best possible remedy for what ails your car. Leave it to us!