Suspension Problems in Atherton Expertly Resolved by a Professional Team

Suspension Problems in AthertonSuspension problems in Atherton always get a giggle from the kids as you go over the train tracks. However, bottoming out is no laughing matter. When your suspension gets that bad, it is difficult to control your driving. Suspension in that poor condition likely didn’t happen overnight. There were warning signs along the way you may not have paid much attention to. A bumpy ride may be due to the road condition but if your car suspension is already a problem, your car will hit those bumps so hard it bounces. Bottoming out, bouncing, rough ride, steering that pulls in one direction are all signs of suspension problems. Suspension problems can interfere with your control over steering the vehicle. Your car is now a road hazard.

There are many parts that make up your suspension system and they do become worn over time. However, in Atherton, suspension problems can also result from even minor collisions. If you hit that same pavement every time you go to that shop, you could be damaging your suspension. A little fender bender while parking may show no damage to your car but it could damage the suspension, especially leaf springs. You can’t keep abusing weak suspension by hitting train tracks, potholes and pavements, even at normal speeds. One day you may lose control of your car mid bounce. It won’t pass the yearly MOT. You need a garage you can trust, like Whitecroft Garage, to check the condition of your suspension regularly and replace worn parts before more damage can occur.

Your suspension problems at Atherton can be resolved by our expert team for less than your dealer costs. We’ve built a reputation for honesty at our independent family owned garage. We offer a comprehensive service that includes maintenance, repair, replacement parts, tyres, diagnostics and MOT testing. Fleet service is available and even engine rebuilds. We treat our customers well and provide competitively priced parts and service. Contact Whitecroft Garage to manage your suspension problems and all your automotive needs. We are part of Autocare, a network of independent garages which ensures you receive a national guarantee on parts and labour.